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Facility Planning Roadmap

Designed by Aktive in partnership with Auckland Council, the Facility Planning Roadmap assists and informs organisations that want to develop a sport or recreation facility. 

In the form of a flowchart, the Roadmap identifies the stages involved in the facility planning process; the key principles of facility provision; and the benefits of joint and shared facilities; and, with further planned development, will help to unravel the complexities of the design and consenting process. It also identifies potential sources of funding and references various facility planning guides, templates and other resources. 

Aktive will act as the clearinghouse for enquiries around the Facility Planning Roadmap. Local support will be provided by community delivery partners CLM Community Sport, Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland and Sport Waitākere.  

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Watch the Facility Planning Roadmap webinar here

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Sport and Recreation Facility Plans

These plans have been developed to ensure planned and rational thought informs sport facility decisions and investments. 

They are evidence-based and provide direction on priority projects for development. Whether multi-code or code specific, these plans help to ensure provision is delivered in the areas of greatest need which will have the highest impact.

Regional Facility Plans                National Facility Plans                 Local Board Plans




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Auckland Sport Sector: Facilities Priority Plan

As Auckland’s population grows and diversifies, we will need to maintain and improve our existing sport and recreation assets, and create new ones in areas where the city is expanding.

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