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Peyton Rose Slattery Holtz Semau Playing SNAG Golf At The 2019 Saint Kentigern Halberg Adapted Sports Day

We know good decision-making relies on access to good data. That’s why we use data to understand key trends and inform all our strategic decision-making.

Auckland is one of the world’s most diverse cities, with a rapidly growing population and changing demographics. Our partnership with Active Citizens’ Worldwide means we benchmark Auckland against other major cities such as Singapore and London.

It’s important that Aktive has the knowledge, insights and research to respond and adapt to these changes, and that we share what we know with the sector.


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Aktive Research

Aktive’s Strategic Plan 2040 Issues Paper

As part of Aktive’s Strategic Plan 2040, this issues paper’s purpose is to understand the issues, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It’s a starting point for discussion, debate and new thinking about the types of sport and recreation opportunities Aucklanders will need over the next 20 years.

Stakeholder Survey 2020

Return to Play Survey 2020

Covid-19 Sector Support Survey 2020

Organised Sport Survey 2019

Auckland Coach Support Survey 2019

Sector Support Survey 2019

Howick Communities Research 2019

Partnering with Active Citizens Worldwide

Auckland is one of three founding cities of the Active Citizens Worldwide (ACW) project; the first system providing decision makers in cities across the world with relevant knowledge, insights and ideas to change the physical activity profiles of their cities.

ACW is a global initiative set up to help cities across the world achieve a positive step-change in the physical activity levels of its citizens, through multi-city collaboration, best-practice sharing and global benchmarking. ACW provides world cities, like Auckland, with a deep, fact-based understanding of what drives activity levels of citizens.


Active Citizens Worldwide 2019 Annual Report

Auckland 2019 Report

Sport New Zealand Research

Insights Tool

This tool provides information on demographics, demographics trends, participation data from the Active NZ survey, information on sport in schools from the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council data, as well as health information from the Ministry of Health.

Value of Sport Report

This report explores the value of sport to New Zealanders, their communities and our country.

Voice of Participant Survey

Sport NZ’s club experience survey has been developed for NSOs to understand club level player experiences and how they might adapt to meet people’s changing needs.

Sport NZ Future of Sport Report

This report looks at New Zealand’s future over 2015 to 2039 and the opportunities and challenges for sport.

2018 Active NZ Survey Findings

Results from the latest Active NZ survey which looks at participation in sport and active recreation.

Other Useful Research

Growing Up in NZ

This longitudinal study tracks the development of approximately 7,000 New Zealand children from before birth until they are young adults. The latest report is on middle childhood.

Population Trends

Statistics NZ project that Auckland’s population will grow from 1.6 million in 2016, to 1.9-2.1 million in 2028, and 2.0-2.6 million in 2043.  These projections are based on assumptions around births, deaths and immigration and the range represents various scenarios.

Knowledge Auckland

A collection of research, information, analysis and data about Auckland's communities, economy and environment.

Healthy Auckland Together Scorecard 2019

This report monitors how Auckland’s environment is contributing to the obesity levels of Aucklanders.

Ministry of Health NZ

A collection of resources to help promote physical activity in New Zealanders.

World Health Organisation Physical Activity Resources

Resources on physical activity from the World Health Organisation.

Auckland Sport and Recreation Strategic Action Plan

The Auckland Sport and Recreation Strategic Action Plan (ASARSAP) sets out:

  • A common vision for improving sport and recreation across Auckland
  • The actions that must be taken to achieve this vision
  • The role the council and other organisations will play.

Active Transport Research

Auckland Transport produces an annual report on levels of walking and cycling in Auckland.