He Oranga Poutama ki Tāmaki Makaurau

Aktive Sports Organisation HOP

He Oranga Poutama ki Tāmaki Makaurau (HOP)

He Oranga Poutama ki Tāmaki Makaurau (HOP), “Stairway to Wellbeing”, promotes the development and implementation of physical recreation and sport in a way that is culturally appropriate to Māori – as Māori for Māori.

Our Key Outcomes for He Oranga Poutama

  1. Leaders for the future – Kaiwhakahaere participating as leaders in their communities
  2. Developing participation opportunities – Increased opportunities for whānau to explore, learn and participate in sport and traditional physical activity
  3. Strengthening infrastructure – Revitalisation and further development of sport and traditional physical recreation.

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Te Whetū Rēhua – The Guiding Star

Te Whetū Rēhua is the framework originally developed to communicate the Māori concepts and principles which collectively define ‘as Māori’ participation in sport and recreation, for the He Oranga Poutama initiative context.

Te Whetū Rehua consists of five key values vital for Māori development that reflect the diverse reality that Māori now live in.

What is the value of the Te Whetū Rēhua?

  • It is Māori-centered and culturally relevant to Māori where it can assist users to distinguish boundaries about focusing their efforts to meet Māori aspirations through play, sport & recreating activities
  • The framework provides insight into the cultural structure to continue exploring and growing our understanding as Māori participating in sport and recreation – and its contribution to positive Māori identity, wellbeing, partnerships and self-reliance.

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Iwi of Origin

Mā te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātou

In unity, we have strength

In the heart of this kauapapa, we've connected with people who demonstrate our mission - to be a champion for Tino Rangatiratanga and encourage active participation by Māori in physical activities, sport and recreation for improved hauora outcomes.

Thank you for joining us in this journey of well-being and connecting Māori of all ages, abilities and experiences to one kaupapa and the weaving together of our stories.

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