There are currently two investment streams that Aktive administers – GAAAP (Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan) and KiwiSport.


Apply for GAAAP Funding

GAAAP funding is available to decile 1 to 6 primary schools and children in years 3 to 6. It is only available to primary schools in the Greater Auckland Area, excluding the Old Manukau City Council Boundaries which is covered by The John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation.

GAAAP currently has funding available for 20,000 students per year to participate in the programme. Once this number is reached no further funding will be allocated.

Prior to the lessons commencing, all parties must have a fully signed GAAAP Memorandum of Understanding. Memorandums of Understanding cannot be done retrospectively. If a school has lessons without a Memorandum of Understanding signed by all parties, GAAAP will not pay for the lessons.

Register your interest for GAAAP funding below.







KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to promote sport for school-aged children.

The fund aims to:

  • Increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport
  • Increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children
  • Support children to develop skills that enable them to participate confidently in sport

The following KiwiSport Funds are available in the Auckland region:

  • Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund
  • Counties Manukau Local Community Fund and Fast Fund
  • Sport Auckland Local Community Fund and Fast Fund
  • Harbour Sport Local Community Fund and Fast Fund
  • Sport Waitākere Local Community Fund and Fast Fund


Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund

The Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund supports regional and/or national organisations for projects/initiatives that can provide new or increased opportunities for children aged 5-18 to be physically active.   To be considered as a regional project, the application must demonstrate how the project intends to deliver across two or more of the local RST areas.

For more information see the Auckland KiwiSport Fund Plan – June 2019 Update.







For more information regarding the Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund please contact:

Toni Humphreys

Regional Advisor

Tel: 027 316 5311

Email: toni.humphreys@aktive.org.nz



Local KiwiSport Funds

Details of local KiwiSport funds can be found at the following links

Counties Manukau

Sport Auckland

Harbour Sport

Sport Waitākere


To view all past funding decisions click here.

Which Fund Do I Apply For?

  • If your project spans more than one local Regional Sport Trust (RST) area, apply to the Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund.
  • If you project is planned to be within one local RST area, apply to the relevant RST’s Local Community Fund.
  • If the funding you seek is for less than $5,000 within one local RST area, apply to the relevant RST’s Local Fast Fund.



Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund
Auckland-wide or spans more than one local RST area >$5,000 Aktive
Local Community Fund
Within one local RST area >$5,000 Local RST/CLM
Fast Fund
Within one local RST area <$5,000 Local RST/CLM