Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa

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Aktive and our community delivery partners are proud to be managing  Manawa Active Aotearoa on behalf of Sport NZ in Tāmaki Makaurau. More than $2 million is available in Auckland as follows: 

  • CLM Community Sport is responsible for projects delivered only in Counties Manukau (excluding Howick – Pakuranga). $315,903.10 is available for a Round 3 Local fund for over $10,000 applications. Application’s will open from Monday 17 May 2021 to Monday 7th June 2021. This round is open for play based and Kaupapa Māori applications  (Kaupapa Māori will be assessed and measured utilising the Te Whetū Rehua). Applications to the Fast Fund under $10,000 are also welcomed.
  • Harbour Sport is responsible for projects delivered only in North Harbour – Current round Tū Manawa funding has been exhausted for sport and active recreation projects; however, play projects may be funded, please contact Harbour Sport directly
  • Sport Auckland is responsible for projects delivered only in central Auckland and the Howick community. Note: current round Tū Manawa funding has been exhausted so please contact Sport Auckland directly if you have any funding inquiries
  • Sport Waitākere is responsible for projects delivered only in West Auckland – $122,909.23. Round 3 for over $10,000 applications is open from Monday 26 April 2021 to Wednesday 28 May 2021, and applications to the Fast Fund are welcomed.

Aktive is responsible for projects that are delivered in more than one of the above regions. Current Tū Manawa funding has been exhausted for the regional fund.

The funds will be allocated to provide sport, active recreation and play opportunities based in Auckland. 

Please review the following information before applying. 


What can be funded?

This is an activation fund to help cover programme or service delivery costs. This includes costs of: 

  • Programme or project delivery (e.g. venue or equipment hire, transport to the event) 
  • Equipment (as part of a programme or project) 
  • Officials, where these are required for the delivery 
  • Delivery staff wages (e.g. activity leader, coordinator). 

How much can I apply for?

Fast Fund applications: up to a maximum of $10,000 and can be made at any time. 

Regional and Local Fund applications: over $10,000 and will be assessed during the year in funding rounds: 

Funding Round #3 

  • Local: CLM Community Sport open Monday 17 May 2021 – Monday 7 June 2021.
  • Local: Sport Waitakere  open Monday 26 April 2021 – Wednesday 28 May 2021.

Please note your application must be for a programme or project for up to a maximum of 12 months (i.e. you cannot apply for costs past a 12-month delivery period). 

Before starting your application, please review the following information: 

For more information to assist with your application, check out our Sector Support toolkits.
Please ensure that you clear your cache (history) and are using Google Chrome to complete the application.


More information 

If you have any questions or for regional enquiries, please email us on funding@aktive.org.nz or please call Trudi Bridges (Aktive) on 021 145 2965. 

For local enquiries, please contact: 

What is the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa fund?

 Manawa Active Aotearoa provides funding for projects or programmes to deliver play, active recreation and sport experiences for tamariki and rangatahi. These may be new or already operating. 

From research, we know there are groups more at risk of missing out or being less active. This includes those living with a disability, in higher deprivation communities and girls and young women.  

Projects or programmes engaging tamariki and rangatahi who are inactiveface major barriers (such as cost, travel, exclusion, low confidence) and would otherwise not be exposed to such activities will be prioritised for funding.  

Applicants need to provide evidence, including ‘participant voice’, demonstrating that the tamariki and rangatahi who are missing out are genuinely interested in doing the proposed project or programme. This means applicants should engage tamariki and rangatahi on what activities they want to participate in, what the barriers are and include this information in the application. This provides evidence of need for your project. 


Who can apply?

We welcome applications from a wide range of groups and organisations. If you want to apply but do not have legal status, we recommend you consider partnering with a qualifying (legal) entity. 

Examples of who can apply: 

  • Hapū, iwi, marae, Māori organisations 
  • Primary, intermediate, secondary schools 
  • Tertiary education and whare wānanga 
  • Charitable trusts and incorporated societies 
  • Regional and local councils 
  • For-profit businesses/commercial organisations and social enterprises. 

Examples of who cannot apply: 

  • National organisation that receive Partnership Investment from Sport NZ 
  • Government agencies and their regional branches 
  • Early learning services 
  • Professional or semi-professional sports teams and organisations 
  • Individuals. 


Assessment Process 

Following is the assessment process for  Manawa Active Aotearoa applications: 


Fast Fund applications 

CLM Community Sport, Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland and Sport Waitākere each use a decision-making panel consisting of staff members, plus a member of the He Oranga Poutama team, to assess ALL fast fund applications against the national criteria. The He Oranga Poutama Kai Whakahaere also leads the assessment of any Kaupapa Maori assessments with the panel. 

Decisions are made within the following month from receipt of application. 


Regional and Local Fund applications 

Aktive, CLM Community Sport, Sport Auckland and Sport Waitākere each use an independent Advisory Group consisting of community members, including Mana Whenua, to assess all funding round applications against the national criteria. Jenny Gill, former Foundation North Chief Executive, presides over each Advisory Group as Chair; and Advisory Groups make recommendations to each organisation’s Board, seeking approval. 

Decisions are made following Advisory Group meetings that are to be held within the following month after the round has closed. 

Full Advisory Group list  here. 


Successful applications to date 

Aktive (Regional)

CLM Community Sport (Counties Manukau)

Harbour Sport (North Auckland)

Sport Auckland (Central/East Auckland)

Sport Waitākere (West Auckland)