National Facility Plans



National Facilities Strategy for Aquatic Sports

Aims to provide a framework for developing future facilities which are appropriately scaled and located to meet the needs of users: locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

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New Zealand Football National Facilities Strategy Update

Identify and prioritise the current and future issues and opportunities facing both New Zealand Football and the seven football Federations, over the period of 2016/2025 aligning with New Zealand Football’s new Strategic Plan.

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Gymsports National Facility Strategy

The purpose of the Gymsports National Facility Strategy is to provide a high-level strategic framework for national facilities planning. It is designed to provide direction on what should be done and crucially, what should not be done. The Strategy is designed to focus thinking on Gymsports facilities at a national network wide level.

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Gymsports Facility Guide

The Gymsports National Facility Strategy has adopted a series of criteria to ensure a robust, transparent and fair process in determining the types of facilities which are likely to be required, and/or the development priority given to different facilities.

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Hockey New Zealand Facility Strategy Update

Focuses on identifying the current and future demand for hockey within New Zealand. The strategy identifies any changes in hockey participation, changes in turf provision and the impact of the 2013 census data on the Association’s demographics.

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