Auckland Regional Facility Plans











Indoor Court Facility Plan


This plan represents 6 codes – Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, Netball, Table Tennis and Volleyball. 

There is an under supply of indoor courts across Auckland which is constraining growth of indoor sport codes.  Strong population growth and demographic shifts will continue to put pressure on indoor court facilities and the shortage of courts is only expected to increase.

The purpose of this plan is to provide an evidenced based approach to inform the development of a network of fit for purpose indoor court facilities across Auckland.

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Wider Auckland Rugby Facility Plan 2018-2028

The purpose of this Facility Plan is to identify current and future gaps in provision in playing facilities and prioritise community rugby facility requirements across the Auckland region over the next ten years.

It is a collaborative approach between Auckland Rugby Union, Counties Manukau Rugby Football Union, North Harbour Rugby Union (NHRU) and New Zealand Rugby (NZ Rugby) to provide a unified code view of current and future requirements.

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A set of 2019 Priority Projects across the region have been agreed upon. These are focused on community rugby and the assessment criteria is weighted strongly toward an evidence based need.

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Bike Facility Plan for Auckland Region 2013 – 2021

Provides a framework to guide and drive development and investment into bike facilities in the future. The plan focuses on the competition and training requirements for BMX, track, road and mountain bike disciplines and is not intended to meet the needs of all casual riders or those who use their bike as a mode of transport.

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Auckland Regional Cricket Facilities Plan 2017

This plan has identified and prioritised the cricket facility requirements for the Auckland region for both high performance and community/club cricket. It has a short and long term implementation focus.

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Auckland Equestrian Facility Plan 2014

This plan identifies what facilities will be needed for sport horse competition and training throughout Auckland and seeks to guide investment in facility development for the next 10 years.

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Auckland Regional Football Facility Plan 2011 – 2021

This facility plan is focused on the implementation of the New Zealand Football Facilities Strategy in the Auckland region.  It provides a prioritised plan to guide and drive development and investment into community football facilities in the future to address current and future demand.

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Auckland Regional Hockey Facilities Report: 2014-2031

Focused on identifying the current and future demand for hockey within the Auckland region.  It provides a prioritised schedule to guide and drive development and investment into hockey facilities in the future.

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Model Flying Facility Plan for the Auckland Region

This facility plan is focused on identifying current participation and forecasting future participation in model flying and the demand this has on facilities.  The plan identifies the current facilities used and outlines options and recommendations to meet demand.

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Auckland Regional Netball Facilities Plan 2015

This facility plan is focused on identifying the current and future demand for netball within the Auckland region. The report also considers any changes in netball participation, the impact of the 2013 census data on the regions’ demographics and future population growth.

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Squash Auckland Regional Facilities Plan 2018

Provide a framework for the development of squash facilities in the Auckland region, identifying the priorities within our network to support ongoing facility development to drive membership and participation growth in club and community squash.

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Auckland Region Tennis Facility Strategy 2015

Provide a framework for the development of tennis facilities in the Auckland region identifying the priorities at a Regional and Local level to support the ongoing development for club and community tennis.

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Auckland Gymsports Facility Plan

The purpose of the Auckland Gymsports Facility Plan is to provide a high-level strategic framework for facility planning across the region. The Plan is designed to focus thinking on gymsports facilities at a regional, network-wide level.

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Auckland Softball Facility Plan

This document is intended both as a high level strategic framework to prioritise future actions, and to inform local board decision-making for facility upgrades to enable the sport of softball to prosper by making softball more accessible to more people.  

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