With more than 1 million Aucklanders active each week, sport and recreation is a community cornerstone, delivering significant mental health and well-being, social, educational and economic benefits.  With the next term of Auckland local government leadership setting the 2021-31 Long Term Plan, those at the Council table will set the budgets that either enable us to deliver sport, recreation and physical activity to Aucklanders, or limit what we can achieve.

There is a clear need within Auckland to influence policy, align with others’ strategies where appropriate and influence allocation of resources – given this, there is the need for Aktive to deliver co-ordinated leadership and advocacy with a single compelling voice, with our partners, for the Auckland sport and recreation sector.


Auckland Council 2019-2022

Aucklanders have had their say, re-electing Phil Goff as Mayor for a second term, changing a handful of Ward Councillors, and choosing Local Board members.  It is here that the biggest changes are seen, with 43% of the members newly elected.

When confirmed and sworn-in following inaugural meetings, you will be able to find details of all your elected Ward Councillors here, and all your Local Board members here.

You can find the meeting dates, the agendas, and the minutes of all Governing Body, Committee, and Local Board meetings here.


Advocacy in 2020

Advocacy attention turns now to two vital pieces of work that Council has on the radar. 

Local Board plans will be refreshed in early 2020, creating local views of what is important for our communities.  We all need to make sure sport, recreation and physical activity are strongly referenced, and that important local infrastructure projects are supported by name. 

And by mid-2020 work will already be underway behind the scenes preparing the next iteration of the Long Term Plan.  Our previous collective efforts to gain commitment to increased levels of investment in sport and recreation to keep existing infrastructure in fit-for-purpose condition, and create new assets to meet Auckland’s growing population, will count for nothing unless they are confirmed, or increased, in the 2021-31 Long Term Plan.

Have Your Say – Annual Budget 2020/2021 Information

#SportMatters Infographic 2018

AK Have Your Say Feedback Form


Recent Advocacy Work

2019 Auckland Council Elections

Aktive co-ordinated a campaign to keep sport and recreation front of mind during the 2019 election cycle. Aktive’s social media carried stories of the benefits of the sector to our communities, and those stories can be found here.

We asked candidates to say what sport and recreation meant to them, and published their responses. The words of those who won a seat at their respective tables can be read here. 

We ran and live-streamed a Mayoral Debate which you can view here.

Auckland Council’s Long Term Plan
Together, as a sector, we put forward submissions on Auckland Council’s Long-Term Plan 2018-28 and the Auckland Plan. This piece of advocacy was supported by a social media campaign under #sportmatters.

To read Aktive’s submission on the Auckland Long Term Plan and Auckland Plan click here

To see the #sportmatters infographic click here 


Sport & Recreation Advocacy Toolkit

If you’re looking for information, insights and ideas to help your code, club, community or lobby group have its say, check out this advocacy toolkit.

Read here

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