Supporting good coaches helps support your kids

by Aktive
Published on Friday 29 March, 2019
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We can all think back to our first sporting moment. Our first sprint, our first hit of the ball or our first training session with the coach. It sticks with you for life. The reason for this is simple – most children take in everything and everyone in their environment. So, when there are great coaches in your child’s life, how do you hope they will look back on their sporting experience?

No matter where your child’s coach comes from or the experience they have, they need your support. And a lot of it.

Based on sport and recreation experience and independent research, here are five strategies for coaches to help them be a positive sporting influence. As a parent/caregiver, it’s helpful to understand these so you can add support to boost this influence even further.


Planning for Coaching Success:

  1. Managing Your Season – As a coach, the job description is broad including numerous tasks before the season starts. Organisation is key. This pre-season time allows coaches to work out what is needed to make the season enjoyable and rewarding for all kids.


  1. Session Planning –A goal without a plan is just a dream, planning is simple yet needs to be done. Planning before the session can involve goal setting and outlining activities of play. This plan will maximise time during the session and ensure the needs of the children are met.


  1. Deliver – Now comes the action! Good coaches will ensure that the activities planned are fun and enjoyable for all – and no matter what the situation, they stay positive.


  1. Review – Evaluation is key and should always be completed after each training session and game. This allows a coach to evaluate their coaching effectiveness while ensuring every participant enjoys the experience.


  1. Reflection – Reviewing and reflection go hand in hand. Not only does it help with coaching but also allows participants to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


As a parent, you may be thinking: “I already support the coach to do these things” – Awesome! The important part is to continue this and encourage your children to support their coach as well. If there is an opportunity to encourage the coach with any of these aspects then, along with your child, why not give it a go?

What matters most is the happiness of your child and working on with them will effectively encourage them to love and embrace their sporting experience and support those who support your child.

Sport is all about fun – make each session an experience your child enjoys and remembers!