#Keepaklactive – Have Your Say

by Aktive
Published on Thursday 10 March, 2022
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#Keepaklactive – Have Your Say 

Making a submission on Auckland Council’s Annual Budget 2022/2023 

Play, active recreation and sport requires recognition and investment in Auckland Council’s Annual Budget 2022/2023. Consultation on this is currently open, closing at 5pm on Monday 28 March 2022. During this period, the public can have their say.  

We need to ensure all Aucklanders regardless of age, ethnicity and ability level can participate in play, active recreation and sport in fit-for-purpose facilities and spaces to enable them to live active, healthy lives, with positive health, community and economic benefits. 

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It’s your democratic right to have a say – so let’s make sure your voice is heard! 

What we know 
  • Auckland Council is a major provider of our sports and recreation facilities – we greatly appreciate this support and investment. Without it, much of what happens in our sector wouldn’t be possible. 

  • Auckland Council provides critical sector funding through the Sport and Recreation Facility Investment Fund, the Regional Facility Operating Fund and the Regional Sport and Recreation Grants Programme – let’s ensure this continues. 

  • Sport and recreation connects people and communities, which is more important than ever given the challenges of COVID-19. All Aucklanders deserve opportunities to participate. 

  • A lack of inclusion and underinvestment in play, active recreation and sport in Auckland, particularly around our spaces and facilities, will have a negative effect on Auckland, our communities and the economy.  

  • It’s critical that investment meets growth. It’s essential that growth in population both at the urban fringe and in the existing urban area is matched by investment in sufficient new facilities to meet the current demand and the new demand that will be generated.   

  • The sport sector has aligned and collaborated in planning and prioritisation. By ensuring new facilities are optimally designed and located we are playing our part in making sure every Auckland Council dollar is invested wisely for maximum return in benefits to the community.   

How to have your say 

If you’re a play, active recreation or sport focused organisation, it’s important you know that well prepared and widely supported public submissions make a difference. We’d encourage you to workshop your ideas with others, outline why they’re important, be positive and succinct, and encourage others to have their say too. Here are some tips: 

  • Be clear: clearly state your topic and concerns – headings and/or bullet points can help  

  • Examples: provide evidence of a need that is quantified and verifiable 

  • Benefits: outline the benefits to your area, sport, community 

  • Community connection: make sure you emphasise how your thinking will benefit the wider community 

  • Call to action: tell Council what decision you want them to make. 

As an individual – whether you’re a coach, manager, administrator, parent or participant – pick something that’s relevant and important to you (it can be a single aspect). This is your opportunity to have your say.  

Message ideas 

In addition to what we know (noted above), here are some ideas that may assist with your submission: 

  • The benefits of physical activity are HUGE! They include improved physical and mental health and wellbeing, social and community connectedness, economic and productivity gains and educational outcomes 

  • A benefit we note within this Annual Plan relevant for the sport and recreation sector is the proposed investment in public transport and active transport including more cycleways and also improved footpaths to encourage walking, use by parents with prams, wheelchair users and other mobility aid users. 

  • We continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 with our whānau, workplaces and with our members. It is not easy.   

  • Belonging and participation are vital for all Aucklanders, more than ever given COVID-19 – sport and recreation connects people. 

  • Appreciating the various challenges of COVID-19, we need to retain the funding committed to sport and recreation through funds like the Sport and Recreation Facility Investment Fund, the Regional Facility Operating Fund and the Regional Sport and Recreation Grants Programme 

  • Auckland is my playground – it’s important to maintain the open space used by our communities and for all Aucklanders to have opportunities to participate in sport and recreation 

  • We need to reduce barriers to participating in sport and recreation, particularly for tamariki and rangatahi 

  • Despite the financial squeeze across various areas, it’s critical to keep community sport accessible and affordable for all Aucklanders 

  • Quality, affordable sport and recreation experiences will help lead to lifelong participation in physical activity 

  • We want Auckland to be the most active city in the world 

  • We need to future proof community sport and physical activity facilities for the predicted population growth and demographic changes 

Ways to have your say

Consultation is open until Monday 28 March 2022. There is no question on sport and recreation specifically so add your comments under 6) Other feedback, and also check for Local Board priorities that may impact your organisation. 

There are a number of ways you can have your say: 

Online: You can provide feedback using the Have your say on our Annual Budget 2022/2023.  

Events: You can provide feedback at community events or sign-up for an online meeting here. If you need an interpreter and/or you would like to submit feedback in New Zealand Sign Language or in Te Reo Māori, please contact Council. 

Social media: Comments made through these channels will also be considered feedback: 

Email: You can complete the AK Have Your Say feedback form and email it to akhaveyoursay@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz 

In person: You can complete the AK Have Your Say feedback form and drop it off at your local library or service centre 

By post: You can complete the AK Have Your Say feedback form and send it freepost to: 

AK Have Your Say 
Auckland Council 
Freepost Authority 182382 
Private Bag 92 300 
Auckland 1142 

For further information about advocacy, you can also review the Sport and Recreation Advocacy Toolkit in the online Aktive resource hub

#Keepaklactive – and have your say 

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