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Mascot Coaching

Sector Support Toolkits

  • HERA Coaching Toolkit 2021 Images Page 01

    HERA Everyday Goddess- Coaching Young Women and Girls

  • HERA Parents Toolkit FB Image

    HERA Everyday Goddess- Parents Guide

  • New Covers Disability

    Understanding Disability Toolkit


Other Resources

  • Accessible And Inclusive Physical Activity Guidelines

    Accessible and Inclusive Physical Activity Guidelines

    This list of accessible and inclusive physical activity considerations has been put together to help you think of the things you may need to do to make your physical activities more accessible and inclusive so those who may be disabled can take part.

  • IMG 0246

    Gender Insights | Sport NZ

    Sport NZ has taken its research and insights and split it into a number of different demographics to help you understand why some people are less active.

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  • (A4) HERA Case Study Bay Olympic

    HERA® Case Study: Bay Olympic

  • Screenshot (353)

    HERA® Case Study: Developing the HERA® brand

  • HERA Case Study Girl On Fire

    HERA® Case Study: Girl on Fire

    Funded through Harbour Sport’s KiwiSport Fast Fund, Girl on Fire focuses on getting girls in Years 7 to 10 (ages 11 to 15) active in their preferred form of physical activity.

  • Butterfly

    HERA® | Participant Led Design Approach

    A key to designing a solution to a challenge is to get close to the issue and work with the people we are trying to help.

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    HERA® | Participant Led Design Questions

    Participant Led Design is only going to be useful if the resulting outcome is realistic, achievable and provides an experience that the participant wants.

  • Multi Sport Programme Cover

    HERA® Case Study: Multi-Sport Programme

  • Screenshot (352)

    HERA® Case Study: Otahuhu Recreation Centre

  • Screenshot (354)

    HERA® Case Study: Papatoetoe Cricket Club

  • HERA TDF Case Study

    HERA® Case Study: Tania Dalton Foundation Boost Programme

  • (A4) HERA Case Study Volleyfest

    HERA® Case Study: Volleyfest

  • HERA Resource IMG

    HERA® | Taking a Co-Design Approach

    HERA | Taking a Co-Design Approach
  • Butterfly

    HERA® Principles