Papatoetoe High School gets sport and active recreation boost

by Aktive
Published on Wednesday 10 March, 2021
Aktive X Sport NZ Bank 1200

Following a challenging time with COVID-19, Papatoetoe High School is set to reap the benefits of a physical activity boost with a helping hand from Aktive – and the school community is looking forward to embracing sport and active recreation opportunities in an inclusive student-led way. 

Dr Sarah Sandley, CE, Aktive says: “Physical activity, sport and active recreation play a positive role in hauora, including mental health. We have offered a helping hand and our Secondary Schools Manager Richard Rangi will work with Papatoetoe High School student leaders and teachers to offer students the opportunity to be active the way they want and enjoy all the benefits that go with that.” 

As a first step Aktive is working with the school’s student leaders to understand what students are interested in doing. From there, resources will be arranged to help bring this to life. 

Auckland Council and CLM are also supporting Papatoetoe High School’s upcoming Lampada Games, committing to bring multiple containers and trailers of fun equipment to add to the event. 

“From sumo suits to swing ball sets, our partners will work with the school to try and ensure that every one of Papatoetoe High School’s 1,400 students finds something fun to do that day,” says Dr Sandley. 

Papatoetoe High School Principal Mr Vaughan Couillault is excited for students and the wider school community. 

“It will be great to work with Aktive to support the wellbeing of students through physical activity and, as a result, support their learning.” 

Dr Sandley adds: “This collaboration is a live example of how our schools and kura Māori strategy Korikori can help students to be more active in the school setting, working with school and student leaders, fostering hauora and wellbeing.”