Monumental funding towards Auckland as world’s most active city

Published on Tuesday 02 February, 2021
Aktive X Sport NZ Bank 458 (2)

Foundation North recently approved $2,774,000 over two years to Aktive and will assist Aktive, Sport Waitākere, Sport Auckland, Harbour Sport, and CLM Community Sport to deliver The Auckland Approach to Community Sport which aims to create a world class community sport system in Auckland.

Aktive is the lead regional strategic lead for the sport and recreation sector in Auckland and with Auckland being home to 1.6 million people from diverse communities, including young people, Māori, Asian and Pacific Island peoples, there is a need to widely promote healthy and active lifestyles.

“Aucklanders value being active. The majority participate in some form of physical activity in any given week, whether through involvement in organised sport, going to the gym, swimming, cycling, or going for a walk. This is supported by a well-established sport and recreation sector, which in turn is supported by more than 300,000 volunteers,” said Aktive Chief Executive Dr Sarah Sandley.

However, the ways in which Aucklanders participate in sport, play and active recreation are changing, added Ms Sandley.

“Tāmaki Makaurau faces challenges between now and 2040 that could reduce people’s physical activity levels and have a negative impact on their health, including unmet sport and active recreation need from a changing population (a more ethnically diverse and a growing younger and older population), a fast-growing city, placing further pressure on sport and recreation infrastructure, and growing income disparities, making it more difficult for some people to access sport and active recreation opportunities.”

Other impacts include changing technology influencing how people engage in sport and active recreation, rising obesity levels adversely affecting participation, environmental change adversely affecting outdoor sport and active recreation, and ongoing funding shortfalls and an associated failure to meet future demand.

“Aktive’s vision is to make Auckland the world’s most active city. To achieve this, we work with community delivery partners CLM Community Sport, Harbour Sport, Sport Auckland and Sport Waitākere to deliver The Auckland Approach to Community Sport which aims to create a world class community sport system in Auckland.”

The Auckland Approach to Community Support is founded on the principle of equity and taking community-led and co-creation approaches, the strategy is aligned to target populations in geographic areas, with tamariki, rangatahi, Māori, Pacific, Asian and women and girls’ participation being prioritised.

“We are proud to receive this milestone grant from Foundation North which will help support the delivery of initiatives to reach these priority groups, as well as across our diverse, complex and rapidly growing city. We are also grateful for the confidence Foundation North has shown in our Distributed Impact system that sees Aktive responsible for strategy and region-wide initiatives, with our delivery partners focused on their local communities.”

This Auckland Approach to Community Sport will strengthen Tāmaki Makaurau’s sporting and recreational systems and environments and encouraging people to lead more active lives through sport, play and active recreation.

Foundation North, the community trust for Auckland and Northland, has refreshed its strategy to distribute funding into four key focus areas; these are increased equity, social inclusion, regenerative environment, and community support. For more information visit