Keeping Active in Winter with HERA Ambassador Naz Spencer

Published on Thursday 13 June, 2019
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Luckily, the New Zealand winter months have been slightly more forgiving than previous years meaning that we can get out more and keep active. It’s always tricky trying to work out when it’s chilly outside, but I have some great ways to keep active during winter.

Firstly, you’ll need some motivation to move your body. The best way to do this is by setting goals. Start off small – for example, get active at least twice a week. By achieving small goals like this, you can lead into other goals such as taking up a new sport or finding a workout buddy. Other ways of motivating yourself to be more active include planning an active weekend or holiday. An example of this would be catching up with a friend over a yoga or cycling session or even just a coffee and a walk.

Now that you’ve got some ways of boosting motivation, here are some of my go-to ideas on getting active in winter:

  • Join a gym or sports club – ideally close to where you live
  • Find an indoor heated swimming pool – again make sure this is local and provides a comfortable environment for you to be active in
  • Try fitness classes – this is a great way to be active and even to try with a friend
  • Exercise at home – what an awesome way to keep active while being warm and comfortable at home
  • Layer up – by wearing a couple of extra layers, it’s a lot easier to go out for a walk and keep warm
  • Social sport – consider recreational activities and sport; it’s a great way to keep active and make friends
  • Climb the stairs – just five minutes of this can leave you feeling invigorated while moving your body
  • Blast some music and dance –put on some music you love and have a dance!
  • Go out and play – one of the easiest ways to get out and be active this winter is to go play. This may be riding your bike or kicking a ball around

These are my top ideas of how to get active in winter. Make it easy and simple for you to be active this season.