Auckland Extreme Weather Event

by Aktive
Published on Saturday 28 January, 2023
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Unprecedented times seem to have a habit of hitting our beautiful region, don’t they?

On behalf of the whole team at Aktive, we hope you and your whānau, as well as your staff, are safe and accounted for, despite the extensive impact that many will be feeling at home and within their communities.

We know the priority for everyone right now is immediate whānau, home and communities but please let us know how we can help, when and as you’re able to connect and engage, regarding any challenges you might be facing within your sport, recreation activity or venue. We are keen to understand what you’re facing and through this understanding, establish how we can best support you.

We have been in contact with Dave Stewart at Auckland Council and his recommendation is that if any of you have issues and challenges with your clubs, that the matters are logged via this link:

Council call centres are overloaded and, by logging matters via this link, you’ll best support the triage and prioritisation process that is underway by Council and associated service providers.

We have got through an awful lot together as a sector over the past few years and I know with the same approach, we will do it once again. Please know the Aktive team is here to help and is available at any time of the day to connect to support you:

Jennah Wootten Chief Executive 027 277 7005
Debbie Curgenven General Manager Strategy, Investment and Environments 021 243 0082
Jo Redfern-Hardisty Communications and Marketing Manager 021 241 5678
Simone Spencer Manager, Sport 027 220 0560
Charlotte Guscott-Gregory Sector Support Advisor 027 699 3490
Daniel Mitchell Manager, Play, Recreation and Education 021 864 848
Manu Pihama Māori Partnership Manager 027 299 9244
Simon Tattersfield Spaces and Places Manager 027 229 8850
Jamie Archibald Spaces and Places Advisor 027 467 7068