By listening to the voice of your members, you can learn what is important to them and improve their experience. Do not seek feedback for the sake of doing it only just to file it away to never be seen again. Instead, invest in your members as the focus of your club and take time to understand them and their expectations.

With this information you can start to make decisions that can have an impact on the perceptions of your most important stakeholders – your members.

  • Negative feedback should be embraced and can lead to change that will hopefully improve the experience for your existing members
  • Positive feedback can be used to grow your club through the recruitment of new members via referrals

By seeking feedback you are also reducing the likelihood that a member will share their negative views on social media. This also gives them the opportunity to vent their thoughts in a safe and constructive way. More and more websites use customer reviews as a key part of their online presence.

Gaining insights to how your members feel is important to your club’s overall success. It can help your club improve your current practices, grow your membership and protect bad reviews. Your members are ready to tell you how they feel so all you need to do is give them a way to do so. You might be surprised at how much you will learn.

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