The 2016-17 Golden State Warriors (GSW) team is one of the most talented and successful basketball teams to ever walk the earth. But what makes them sooo good?

The hours of training and hard work on and off the court? The blood? The sweat? The tears? Yes, perhaps, but surely this can’t be all, as plenty of other NBA teams do the same. What adds the magic?

One of the unique factors that sets GSW apart is their culture, Here John O’Sullivan cites GSW as he explores How Adults Take the Joy Out of Sports (And How We Can Fix It).

We think the GSW story is so fascinating you should let Tamryn Spruill from a take you through in more detail.

Essentially It’s not about the hardware. It’s about the software.

In another article by John he shines a light on Google. Google wanted to know how to build the perfect team. They funded researchers to cull through data and evaluate teams. They reviewed volumes of research and from this data one important revelation became clear…

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