Online booking systems enable clubs to better utilise their facilities and generate additional income by offering an integrated online facility booking / access / payment feature to both club members and casual participants (visitors). These systems utilise an online booking portal to allow users to access club facilities at times specified by clubs.

Members of the public can view facility availability, book a space and make payment through these systems. This process collects each participant’s information that your club can use to identify who they are, establish their playing habits over time and then offer them tailored membership packages to suit their needs.

If your club has a booking system here is how you can do this:

  • Download the bookings report from the system
  • Take note of who is making bookings and look at how often, on what day(s) and at what time(s)
  • Look at what membership options your club has and decide if you want to create a new category for these people. For example: you might consider providing an off-peak membership option (which is cheaper than a standard membership) for those who book the facility between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. This will also help free up your facility demand during busy times and will keep your members happy
  • Personally contact each participant with the special membership offer and discuss how you can support their sports needs more

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