A lot of sports clubs are looking to find significant additional funds for capital expenditure to maintain and improve its facility and the programmes on offer. It is inevitable that many clubs will find it difficult to derive sufficient income from membership subscriptions alone in a dwindling market. This is not helped by the fact that there is huge competition from Charitable Trusts and other sports clubs applying for the limited amount of grant funding available.

Some key things to remember when looking to generate sponsorship income:

  • Offer a sponsorship package that highlights the benefits available to sponsors across a range of options
  • A club’s facility – both inside (e.g. signage on the walls) and out – is a powerful billboard for businesses to communicate their message to a captive audience
  • Online and social media channels are just as important to sponsors (e.g. business logo and link on your club’s website and Facebook pages)
  • Events provide an excellent promotional opportunity for sponsors (e.g. tournament naming rights, banner displays and score sheets branding)
  • Pursue companies that members of the club already spend a lot of money at. You’ll find a lot of sponsors will be members or people who have been members. These are good places to start
  • Make sure sponsors are not in competition with each other – make them feel like they are special

The key to taking a partnership approach is ‘not what sponsors can do for your club, but what your club can do for its’ sponsors.’

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