Wouldn’t it be nice to know the secret to winning?

In our quest to find the secret to winning we can often get caught up in becoming a coach even when we’re not. Read more How Adults Take the Joy Out of Sports (And How We Can Fix It). As they point out;

“We all love our kids, and we want the best for them, but in this oftentimes race to nowhere we call youth sports, our words and actions are not helpful to our kids despite our best intentions. They hurt performance instead of helping, and that make sports a place of disappointment instead of enjoyment.”

Why does it matter?

Well, there are many mental and physical benefits to kids playing sports, there are also flow on effects for the family and community, so maximising the time they stay in sport should already be a no brainer. But what about winning? Well, the same approach (see the Good Sports Spine below) will also improve New Zealand’s chances on the world stage.

If taking the fun out of kid’s sport leads to kids stopping playing sport, then our sports talent pools will deplete. Remember the ‘talented’ kids are susceptible as well – they have the same development needs and wants as every other child.

So in short, if we keep things fun and purely encourage our children, which can be achieved in just 6 simple words by the way, then they actually become better performing athletes. Keeping things fun will mean our kids will want to play more, more often and with little to no encouragement needed – you’ll have self-motivated, hardworking, fearless kids on your hands. A powerful resource in the quest of winning!