Retention is the biggest problem facing the sport sector today. So how do the best facilities across the world combat this retention issue and grow their membership year on year?

We know that there are people out there who choose to play sport by themselves. They like to do their own thing and not interact with anyone else. However, we know that most people choose to join sports clubs because it helps them achieve a mixture of health benefits, motivation and social solutions to meet their needs. This is because sports clubs provide fun, stimulating and motivating opportunities for people to play sport in.

People crave social connection. Good practice shows that the world’s best clubs understand the importance of building ‘clubs within a club’ and creating relationships between members and staff and also between members and other members. We know that building social bonds are crucial to improve retention. Below are a few other ways that your club can increase member engagement, build ‘clubs within your club’ and strengthen the social bonds within your facility.

Capitalise on social media – Create a group where your members can connect online with each other

Send newsletters – Distribute an electronic newsletter to keep your members informed and so they know you care about them

Other activities – Use mini-clubs such as book groups, card groups, activity nights or coffee groups to bring like-minded people together. Don’t forget – people join clubs to get results but stay because they make friends!

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