Trying something new can seem hard. You may be worried about fitting in, your current fitness levels or not knowing the skills to play the game. Research suggests that the key to long-term participation is to start slow, build steadily and enjoy yourself.

Playing sport is like any other addiction – it all starts with a small dose. Too many people make the mistake of leaping into it instead of taking small steps. Here are three things that you need to remember when starting your sport journey:

  • Start slow – don’t go too hard too soon, slow down when things get too much
  • Build gradually – aim towards playing and staying for longer as your skill levels increase and fitness grows
  • Mix it up – include a range of fun games and activities (look for other programmes and events you can join)

Keep going!

Your brain is mysterious when it comes to motivation. One minute you’re pumped full of enthusiasm. Next minute the excuses start to creep in and before you know it you haven’t been for weeks. Continuing to play is about finding the type of routine that works for you and sticking to it. Whether it is a casual hit with friends or competing in the weekly social tournament, experiment and discover what it is that motivates you to get out on court, playing hard and coming back time after time.

Did you know?

People who play sport in groups (two or more people) are far more likely to stick at it than people who play alone. So, find a buddy and play!

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