Auckland Sport Sector: Facilities Priority Plan

Round Three Now Open

Aktive is pleased to announce that Round Three for the Auckland Sports Sector: Facilities Priorities Plan (ASS: FPP) project submissions is now open (i.e. from 21 January 2020).

Aktive, on behalf of the sector, will receive project synopses submitted by the sector. These projects will be examined by an independent Panel of experienced sports professionals, using the criteria clearly identified and agreed by the sector in the Facilities Priorities Plan.

Following the Panel review, projects will be categorised into three different levels of priority, which will have been endorsed by the Panel.

About the Auckland Sports Sector: Facilities Priorities Plan

The Auckland Sports Sector: Facilities Priorities Plan was created by the sport sector, for the sport sector. The Plan responds to the need for a more structured approach to planning and investment in sports facilities due to growing and changing demand together with constrained and finite levels of available funding.


The Plan also has the support of Auckland Council and other public funders as an important sport-led view of priorities for funding.


Why Apply?

The aim of this process is to gain sector endorsement for your proposed facility project, which in turn will assist with consideration of your future funding applications for this project by public funders such as Auckland Council.


The advice and assessment report resulting from this process will also be available to applicants and their relevant sports bodies, allowing an applicant to continue to develop their project if further work is required to more closely meet the Plan’s criteria.

While the ASS: FPP does not provide financial investment to your project, as stated above the assessment report developed by the independent Panel will be provided to sport and recreation facility funders for their awareness and knowledge. Additionally, this process provides funders with further reassurance that quality work has been completed for your project to demonstrate a valid need and to build a sound case for their funding.

Who Should Apply?

If you have a proposed project of value greater than $500,000, which is essentially ready for funding consideration and on track to go to construction tender within about 12 months’ time, then being part of this process would be advantageous.

Furthermore, to apply your project should already have:

  • Completed a business feasibility, which clearly demonstrates the project need and viability
  • Completed preliminary design for your project with a current cost estimate by a Quantity Surveyor
  • Have a confirmed site
  • Be endorsed by the relevant NSOs and Auckland RSOs.


How to Apply and Additional Support

To apply, a project synopsis form available here must be completed and submitted by 28 February 2020 to sbramley@sglfunding.co.nz

If you have any questions about the process or how to complete the project synopsis form, leaders of your project are encouraged to contact the Spaces and Places leads at your Regional Sports Trust, listed below.  Alternatively, please contact Steve Bramley at sbramley@sglfunding.co.nz . Steve Bramley is facilitating the Process for Round Three on behalf of Aktive.

Previous Rounds

Two rounds of projects have already been considered by the Panel, in November 2018 and May 2019. Five projects in Round One and one in Round Two were assessed as being ready to go and endorsed as Level 1 priorities (the highest level). You can read about the five projects from Round One here and the project from Round Two here.

Round Three Timeline

Description Timing
Auckland Sports Sector: Facilities Priorities Plan Round Three open for project synopsis submissions From 21 January 2020
Closing date for project synopsis submissions COB Friday 28 February 2020
Assessment Panel review March 2020
Distribution of Assessment Panel feedback to applicants and public funders April 2020


Read the Auckland Sports Sector: Facilities Priority Plan here


Spaces and Places Leads:


          Steve Kidd



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          Daniel Cork

          Jamie Archibald                 




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          027 467 7068 


          Cory Hitchen


coryh@harboursport.co.nz             022 042 5418 

          Caitlin Molloy

          Scott Tibbutt  




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           Deepika Unka 


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