Scene: your son or daughter has just finished their sports game, they’ve have made a few mistakes, you can see they’re a bit down and it’s mulling over in their heads. What do you say to help?

It’s a tricky one to deal with as the power of words is undeniable. The following article, Six Words You Should Say to Your Child Today, offers a simple and powerful solution. One that you may find so straightfoward and impactful that you may start to use for the whole family. Give it a go after you child’s next sports game and see their reaction – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Why does it matter?

The benefits of participation in sport range from enhancing long-term mental and physical health, learning social skills, improving motor skills to those things children themselves already recognise like enjoying themselves and making friends.

There are many flow-on effects for the family and community; from the experience mums and dads share with their children to the overall value of a healthier population. This only happens if kids continue to play sport, so focusing on creating positive fun sporting environments is crucial to keeping them active for longer and ensuring better long-term results for them and the community.

And yes, centering the junior sport experience around a fun and positive experience even has long-term benefits for the small percentage of kids who eventually transition into elite sport.

The Good Sports Spine

Have a look at our Good Sports Spine, a tool we’ve created to help adults in children’s sport understand how they impact a child’s sporting experience and ultimately help adults help kids fall in love with sport for life.