Chairs’ Roundtable

Launched in 2016, the Chairs’ Roundtable provides networking opportunities for Auckland-based Chairs of National or Regional Sport Organisation boards on an invite-only basis. It serves both to acknowledge the importance of Chairs in the sector and to develop and extend directorship skills. At these events Chairs hear from a panel of great speakers, discuss ‘off the record’ experiences, share expertise and leave with practical tips on how they can implement key ideas with their respective boards.


Previous Chairs’ Roundtable Events

    • November 2019 Chairs’ Roundtable focused on ‘Culture and Stakeholder Relationships’. Find out more
    • March 2019 Chairs’ Roundtable focused on ‘The Chair – Chief Executive Officer’ Relationship. Find out more
    • June 2018 Chairs’ Roundtable focused on ‘Diversity’. Find out more

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