Auckland Sport and Recreation Sector Event 2018

The Sector Event is Auckland’s largest annual gathering of leaders and decision makers throughout the regional and national sport and recreation sector. It provides a chance to discuss current issues, trends and opportunities that face our sector in New Zealand’s largest city.

2018 Highlights

Theme: Changes, Challenge and Choice for Sport and Recreation

More than 115 leaders from 65 different sport, health and community organisations attended the 2018 Auckland Sport Sector Event: Changes, Challenge and Choice for Sport and Recreation.

Thank you again to those that attended. Your input, insights and expertise are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to work together.

Keynote Speakers

Cr. Penny Hulse
Chair of the Environment and Community Committee
Auckland Council

Sarah Sandley
Aktive - Auckland Sport & Recreation


Peter Miskimmin
Sport New Zealand

Paul Marriott-Lloyd
Senior Policy Manager
Auckland Council


Mace Ward
General Manager Parks Sport & Recreation
Auckland Council

Nicola Gamble
Insights Manager
Aktive - Auckland Sport & Recreation

Iain Laxon
Auckland Cricket

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Auckland Sport Sector Forum focuses on  changes, challenges and choice 

More than 115 leaders from 65 different sporting, health and community organisations attended the recent Auckland Sport Sector Forum 2018: Changes, Challenge and Choice for Sport and Recreation, run by Aktive – Auckland Sport & Recreation (Aktive), in association with key strategic partners Sport New Zealand and Auckland Council. 

Dr Sarah Sandley, Chief Executive Officer, Aktive says the session covered a range of topics pertinent to the sector including advocacy, investment, research and regional community sport strategy The Auckland Approach to Community Sport. 

“This annual forum is a unique opportunity for Auckland’s sport and recreation sector leaders to come together to share ideas and insights and discuss ways to support and grow their respective communities,” says Dr Sandley.  

“The diversity of Auckland as a city was reflective of the group who attended and underpins our bespoke community sport strategy The Auckland Approach to Community Sport.” 

Developed specifically for Auckland based on insights, this strategy sees the alignment and implementation of regional and delivery plans with a focus on targeted groups to ensure relevance, access and equity. 

Dr Sandley says: “A key outtake from this forum was that, as a sector, we must continue to use research and our combined reach and expertise to co-create a world-class sport system in Tāmaki Makaurau, community by community.” 

Attendees were addressed by distinguished guests including Councillor Penny Hulse, Chair of Auckland Council Environment & Community Committee, Auckland Council; Mace Ward, General Manager Parks Sport & Recreation, Auckland Council; Paul Marriott-Lloyd, Senior Policy Manager, Auckland Council; Iain Laxon, Chief Executive Officer, Auckland Cricket; and Peter Miskimmin, Chief Executive Officer, Sport New Zealand.  

Featuring the hashtag #sportmatters, Aktive tweeted messages communicated by speakers throughout the event. These included comments from Councillor Penny Hulse: ‘Sport is no longer the domain of elite sport – it is who we are as a city’; alongside ‘It’s about quality experiences – your supply must meet the new demand’ from Peter Miskimmin. 

Dr Sandley adds: “We are encouraged by the growing attendance and valuable connections at this sector event. It is imperative that we continue to engage with each other and our communities and share examples to boost our collective knowledge and impact. 

“Aktive is proud to help facilitate these connections and we look forward to building on this with further opportunities to bring the sector together.” 

Key Programmes 

Examples, case studies and more

Across The Auckland Approach to Community Sport there are a number of examples and case studies that may be of interest, particularly those in Communities of Activity. In addition to those noted during the forum and in the presentation, other examples include:


Harbour Sport: Kaipara College in the Helensville Community of Activity

  • A school community partnership has been established with a number of local sport and recreation organisations
  • This includes shared use of school facilities with a local swim club and, through a connection with the Helensville Rugby Club, all school home games are to be played on the club grounds.


Sport Waitakere: activating Sunvue Park in the Glen Eden/Oratia Community of Activity

  • This park was identified as hugely underutilised
  • The team activated the park as part of the Park2Park series offering simple activations and getting community feedback
  • The community now use the park much more with regular Zumba and volleyball sessions and the Council has been engaged to plant trees.


Sport Waitakere: Gear up our schools project across all 29 West Auckland decile 1 to 3 schools

  • There was increasing demand for sport and physical activity, but limited gear resulting in limited options being available in schools
  • The team ‘audited’ school gear sheds, asked schools and children what they wanted to play and developed a ‘baseline’ gear list that schools should have to operate a quality level of sport
  • An application was then made to NZCT and the Trusts Million Dollar Mission
  • The result saw grants enabling much need sports equipment to be purchased and professional development delivered to schools to support them
  • Further details available here.


Regional Sports Trusts/Partners are here to help – please contact them for more information on these and other projects.

Here to help – contact details

For information regarding the sector event and the regional strategy for sport and recreation in Auckland please contact:

Luke Morriss

Coaching & Sector Development Manager

Tel: 022 010 4532



For information regarding geographic communities please contact your local Regional Sports Trust/Partner:


Scott Tibbutt

General Manager

Tel: 623 7957



Cory Hitchen

Community Sport Engagement Manager

Tel: 022 042 5418



David George

Community Sport Manager

Tel: 021 688 354



Bernie Pone

Community Sport Engagement Manager

Tel: 021 275 2077



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