School Sport Leaders, Directors of Sport, Sport Coordinators, Sport Managers and Sport Administrators are responsible for organising, planning and facilitating sport, recreation, play and physical activity opportunities for students. 

Our “He Kete Akoranga” provides school support to equip, train and support you in administrating and implementing sport, recreation, play and physical activity opportunities.



Primary Schools

At such a young age, it is important that primary school students are provided with the best start to their physical activity journeys. 

In this section, school sport leaders can find resources to help guide them, workforce resources and planning processes.

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Intermediate Schools

Within intermediate schools, sport leaders are faced with challenges in planning, the workforce and accessing resources.

In this section,  you will find some resources to guide your planning, workforce selections and learning in the intermediate school space.

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Secondary Schools

School sport leaders working within secondary schools deal with challenges such as planning, resources and the workforce.

This section provides you with the tools, tips and techniques to arm you with what you need to deliver the best school sport programme that you can.

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