There’s no denying that there are a handful of big ticket items critical to running a city – housing, transport, water and the environment. With more than one million Aucklanders – adults and children – active each week, sport and recreation is also a community cornerstone; one which delivers significant physical and mental health and wellbeing, social, economic and educational benefits.


That’s why political voices in support of sport, recreation and physical activity are imperative for Auckland and Aucklanders. These voices are critical in acknowledging sport and recreation as one of our city’s big ticket items, and these are the voices we are looking forward to hearing in upcoming Local Elections.


The numbers around sport and recreation in Tāmaki Makaurau are significant. The one million plus Aucklanders who are active each week are supported by 308,880 volunteers contributing more than 22 million hours of their personal time per annum, worth $337.3 million, to keep the sport and recreation sector moving.


This sector contributes at least $1.9 billion to the Auckland economy, providing more than 25,000 jobs for Aucklanders. There is also a saving of $115.4 million per annum in healthcare costs for Auckland (ACW Auckland City Report 2018, Portas Consulting).


Political voices are key to recognising the importance of sport and recreation and realising the incredible impact and value it has on a growing, increasingly diverse Tāmaki Makaurau. These voices will acknowledge sport and recreation as one of our city’s big ticket items, and we look forward to hearing them in ongoing Local Body election discussions.