A lot of businesses understand the value of good signage and view this as an investment that pays for itself many times over. After all, it is an ideal opportunity to promote your club and to communicate your club’s identity.

Well designed and well-placed signage from the road through to the entrance and  beyond will attract people and enhance their experience at your club. In most cases this is the first impression your members and guests have of your club. In most cases, the building itself is a sign / billboard.

Good signage needs to be visible, welcoming and informative to encourage people to come closer. Some tips for good signage include:

  • Picking the location wisely
  • Having a consistent design across all signage
  • Making it big and clear
  • Avoiding too much text
  • Using positive language to convey messages
  • Maintaining all signage to ensure it stays clean and tidy

Three areas your club could target for external signage include:

  1. Roadside – directions to the building
  2. Fascia (the vertical section of the building just below the roof) – club logos and names
  3. Wall (side of the building) – billboards, illustrations and murals

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