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Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund Background Information

  • The Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund is a contestable investment.
  • Applicants can apply to have their project funded until October 2020.
  • The application must demonstrate how the project intends to deliver across two or more of the local RST boundaries.
  • Regional and national sport organisations can apply for investment as part of, or on behalf of, wider stakeholder consortia. Each project requires one lead organisation to be the Auckland Regional KiwiSport Fund contract holder and to take overall responsibility for coordinating the project.
  • The Auckland Regional KiwiSport Advisory Group will make recommendations to Aktive about the distribution of Auckland Regional KiwiSport Funding.
  • Successful applicants will be required to have delivery plans submitted to and approved by relevant local RSTs prior to the investment being released by Aktive.


Application Process

Step 1 – Test your eligibility for the Auckland KiwiSport Regional Fund.

Before testing your eligibility, please read the KiwiSport Key Information Guide and ensure this is the right fund for your project.

Register for an eligibility form by submitting your details in the form located to the right. You will be sent an email with a link to test your eligibility.

Step 2 – Complete Expression of Interest

If you are successfully eligible for the fund you will be sent the Expression of Interest (EOI) pdf. to be filled in electronically. Please note we will not be accepting Expression of Interest forms completed by hand.

If your EOI is accepted you will be informed, by email to complete the application form in full.

Step 3 – Complete the application form.

Please contact funding@aktive.org.nz if you have any questions when completing the application form.

Step 4 – Submit Full Application

Submit the completed application form and attach all the required supporting documents (letters from partnering organisations including details about the type and level of support provided e.g. financial, non-financial) by 5pm on 25 July 2019.

Register for Eligibility Test

Please note, surveys may take a few minutes to arrive into your inbox.