Keeping a record of coach development is a useful practice – much like maintaining a CV. Continuous improvement is a journey that we all must decide to take on our own. We can encourage others to begin the journey, travel with them for a while and help them navigate; but we shouldn’t take responsibility for someone else’s development. As a coach we are there to help others do it, not do it for them.

To develop as a coach, we need to make meaning of information and turn it into knowledge. We then need to put this knowledge into practice and reflect on it to create an understanding. This learning can be achieved in a number of ways – with each providing valuable opportunities to accumulate knowledge and skills:

  • Formal: coach learning modules (found in National Coach Development Frameworks)
  • Non-formal: attendance at workshops and conferences (networking opportunities with other coaches)
  • Informal: trial and error during coaching sessions, observation and discussion with other coaches, individual research (through both written and electronic media) and reflective practice

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