Coaching and learning is all about making connections. As a coach how well are you connected to your players, other coaches, parents…?

Having meaningful relationships with your players is a key factor in participant enjoyment and retention. Or simply put, the more likely they are to have fun and come back. 

A coach seeking to establish a solid relationship must present themselves as an ally who is committed to helping the players to succeed. Understanding how to make connections is a valuable tool for any coach. Some key questions for coaches to consider include:

  • How do you connect with your players?
  • Do they know much about you?
  • Do you know much about them?
  • Do you know their individual aims and reasons for playing sport?
  • Do you help them keep connected to sport?
  • Do they use social media?
  • Do you use social media?
  • How do you connect players to each other?

Coaching may often feel like a big undertaking, but it needn’t be so. Collaboration between coaches can provide huge benefits. Coaches also need connection. They need to connect with the sport, to their fellow coaches, to mentors / critical friends who support them, to coach developers who inspire them and to players and parents.

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