Sector Workshop

The Good Sports Sector Workshop provides an opportunity for sport administrators to learn about the key issues facing children in sport today, as well as the key needs of children in sport. It is an interactive one-day workshop that will challenge attendees to re-examine how to best support children in their sport to have positive experiences.

Whether it be sideline behavior, early-specialisation, over-use injury, burn out, disaffection by children with sport or adult control, issues in children’s sport are continuing to become more prevalent in New Zealand communities. It is important the community sport sector has a full understanding of these issues, how they can be observed and where the issues come from.

Providing a platform for guided discussion between individuals from within the community sport sector allows for insights to be gained and supports the culture change, Good Sports is aiming to achieve around children’s sport.

The Good Sports Sector workshop focuses on conversation, not lecture. We use powerful stories and evidence-based research from around the world to get people talking. Honest and open dialogue among peers is the best way to help us reflect on the challenges we face. Attendees are encouraged to apply lessons gained from the workshop to programmes and projects within their communities.

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Course Content

Key issues in children’s sport and key needs of children in sport.


By the end of the course attendees will have a deeper understanding of core issues that influence Kiwi kid’s sports experiences, including the interaction between:

  • A child’s basic sporting needs
  • Adult behaviour(s) that support and/or undermine those needs
  • Features of the surrounding environment (community, culture, norms and values)
  • Strategies for engaging parents, coaches, sport leaders and teachers on difficult issues in community sport

Suitable for

Community sport professionals who interface with their community, especially in the young people’s setting; decision makers within community sport organisations.

Bespoke Work

Good Sports can offer bespoke work upon request to the community sport sector to inspire, connect and empower your team to better meet the sporting needs of Kiwi kids. We have provided unique workshops for groups and communities of organisations such as New Zealand Rugby League, Auckland Rugby Union, Yachting New Zealand and North Island Secondary Schools Sport Conference.

For more information on bespoke work that we can offer please contact us here.