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A really valuable workshop. It has just reignited my beliefs /purpose of why I am in my role. Sometimes you feel like you are fighting a losing battle, so being able to collaborate with others on the same page will be really refreshing and helpful – well done!

– Paul Hope, Primary Schools Rugby Development Manager, Northland Rugby

The Good Sports Developers Course prepares community sport professionals to engage parents, coaches and other key adult influencers in their communities around what makes a positive sporting experience for children.

Good Sports Developers learn our unique approach to helping groups of adults work through the key issues that can make or break a young person’s experience in sport. Many programmes addressing children’s sport use a carrot and stick approach that punishes or stigmatises negative behaviour. We believe for substantial transformative change to be achieved, adults who affect children’s sport need to be engaged in powerful conversation.

Our community forums focus on conversation. We use powerful stories and evidence-based research from around the world to get people talking. Honest and open conversation is the best way to help adults reflect on their own beliefs and attitudes around children’s sport. It helps parents, coaches, sport administrators and teachers to see how their beliefs and attitudes produce behaviours, both good and bad, that impact on children’s sporting experiences.


Next course

Wednesday 6 May 2020



Course Content

A novel, 5-element framework for making sense of young people’s needs in sport: Deep learning paradigm for promoting reflection, conversation and behaviour change.


By the end of the course, attendees will have a deep understanding of core issues that influence Kiwi kid’s sports experiences, including the interaction between:

  • A child’s fundamental needs
  • Adult behaviour(s) that support and/or undermine those needs
  • Features of the surrounding environment (community, culture, norms and values)
  • Strategies for engaging parents, coaches, sport leaders and teachers on difficult issues in community sport.

Suitable for

Community sport professionals who interface with their community, especially in the young peoples setting.



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