Good Sports aims to create positive sporting experiences for Kiwi kids by supporting and educating the key adult influencers in children’s sport: parents, caregivers, coaches, teachers and sport administrators.

Both practitioners and researchers supporting Good Sports agree that issues in children’s sport, such as poor side-line behaviour, early onset of overuse injury, burnout and disaffection with sport, stem from adult involvement in children’s sport and can ultimately hinder success on and off the field. To address these issues and give Kiwi kids the greatest chance of developing a lifelong love of sport, Good Sports believes we need to raise adults’ awareness about their behaviours in children’s sport, and if necessary, promote a positive shift in that behaviour.

We all know sport can be a vehicle to help children to be active, healthy and learn life skills; critical in the success of these things happening, is the quality of support that adults provide children in sport.

What does quality support for children in sport look like?

We have developed a tool to help adults understand and reflect on how they impact children in sport. This tool is called the Good Sports Spine. Have a look and see if you fall under the Climate of Development or Climate of Performance.

Do I need to change?

Good Sports advocates for adult behaviours and attitudes in children’s sport to always fall under a Climate of Development. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, coach, teacher and/or sport administrator involved in children’s sport, being under a Climate of Development ensures children have the best chance of having positive sporting experiences and ultimately growing a lifelong love with sport.


Good Sports Resources

We’ve created some great resources that parents and coaches can use to help them better understand how they support children in sport.

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Good Sports Articles

Read our articles and blogs on how you can create positive sporting experiences for children no matter if you are a parent, caregiver, coach, sports leader or teacher.

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Good Sports Contacts

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Good Sports is led by Aktive, and funded by Sport New Zealand, New Zealand Community Trust, Massey University and AUT University.