We all know the value of good communication – especially when it comes to keeping your members informed. Be sure to avoid the traps that clubs can fall in to that greatly reduce the effectiveness of their messages.

Gone are the days of having multiple email lists in different files. Below are two common pitfalls of emails:

  • Sending emails to people who aren’t interested is an issue. Too often the ‘send to all’ is the option, but why are we bothering to send information to those who it doesn’t apply to? If you can talk directly to your members about things that are relevant to them, it makes them feel more valued
  • Attaching .pdfs is another mistake that many clubs make. Several email servers like Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook may block your attachments which means that people never get to read your message

Bulk email features remove these issues. Filters are also available for your membership so you can mine your database and provide personal communication to your members. This allows each person to get only the information that they require and nothing that is meant for other members. Want to send an email to new members only? No problem. You can even segment to a specific age, gender or grade range to name a few. What about a personalised happy birthday email to members? Easy.

Remember – the way you communicate with your members is important in engaging them.

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