Almost everyone is on social media. We have all had experiences with it – be these good or bad. There are benefits for clubs to be using social media as a way to connect with their members. Using a club page to connect with your members will go a long way to building a great relationship. Here are some quick tips for how to set yourself up for success on Facebook.

Create a Facebook page

If your club doesn’t already have one, this is a great way to establish a way to reach out to your members. This will also allow your members to post interesting pictures and videos as well as express any feedback that is either positive or negative. While you might be worried about receiving negative feedback, it can actually be an opportunity for your club to communicate to your members. By actively responding via social media will portray a good responsible image of your club.

Post useful content

Plan out what you intend to post on different days of the week. Here is an example weekly schedule using themes:

  • Monday – club happenings
  • Tuesday – technique tips
  • Wednesday – member of the week
  • Thursday – success stories
  • Friday – did you know facts
  • Saturday – something else from the world of sport
  • Sunday – photo of the week

The trick is to post and use different formats (videos, photos and links).

Engage your members

Include descriptions in posts that are open-ended questions (e.g. tell us if you would like to see this in our club?). Let your members know what is happening – ask them to ‘Like’ the page and use to share updates such as:

  • Activity time changes
  • New programmes
  • Success stories
  • New coaches

Make it about them

People are on social media to find information that is relevant to their lives. Think about what will be useful for them. Imagine you are talking to a friend when writing on social media. 

Simple rule – make your posts 80% about building relationships and providing useful content and 20% about marketing your programmes and events to fans / followers.

Mix it up to keep people interested

Vary your content. Share photos, post videos, ask questions, run contests, share research, case studies, advertise events, offer motivational quotes, conduct polls, give updates, new activity info, or put the spotlight on a member or employee.

Use a photo or video link with every post

Research shows that posts with visuals get much greater engagement; more sharing, more likes and more interaction.

Encourage interaction by asking questions

Posts that encourage feedback have been proven to gain 90% more engagement (likes, comments or shares). Encourage members to share their goals, results, tips for success, challenges and to shout out to each other.

Run competitions inviting guests to share photos and comments.

Drive people back to your club for real-life interactions and connections.

Get your content shared

People listen to what their friends like far more than advertising from companies. So if you can get your social media content shared, it creates authentic recommendations about your product, which helps drive new members through your doors.

Add a ‘Share’ button for your social media platforms on all your promotional emails and website. This will encourage people to share your content, creating viral awareness of your club, programmes and events.

Plan ahead

Have a content schedule – you get half of your likes in the first three hours. Post when your customers are online so you’re in their newsfeed, and don’t post too frequently.

More information

Download your copy of our Social Media toolkit, featuring ideas, information and insights to set your club/code up for success.

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