Auckland is anticipated to grow significantly over the next 30 years. To make sure that we build on its strengths and hold on to the things that are dear to us during this growth, it is critical to prioritise the support and provision for sport and recreation in plans for how and where Tāmaki Makaurau will grow.


That’s why those who we vote into leadership positions in our city are critical. Their support or otherwise for sport and recreation impacts this invaluable aspect of our community – so, we encourage all Aucklanders to find out about these potential leaders and ‘exercise’ their sport and recreation vote.


Currently around 1.6 million people live in Auckland. Over the next 30 years this number could grow by another 740,000 people to reach 2.4 million[1].


Sport and recreation statistics prove what we know – Aucklanders love physical activity, with more than one million of us active each week. It’s incredibly important in our lives and the lives of our whanau and friends. What’s more, there is clear evidence of the huge and wide-ranging benefits of sport and recreation – improved physical and mental health and wellbeing, social connectedness, economic and productivity gains, and educational outcomes[2].


We believe all Aucklanders, regardless of age, ethnicity and ability level, should be able to participate in sport, recreation and physical activity in fit for purpose facilities and spaces to enable them to live active, healthy lives with positive health, community and economic benefits.


For the sake of all Aucklanders, our current generation of young people and generations to come, acknowledgement and investment in sport and recreation are key to this now and in the future.

[1] The Auckland Plan 2050/Our development strategy/Future Auckland/What will Auckland look like in the future, Auckland Council

[2] Sport New Zealand Value of Sport and Recreation Auckland Report 2015, Sport New Zealand Regional profile Auckland 2013-2014 and the 2013 New Zealand Census and ACW Auckland City Report 2018, Portas Consulting