Both practitioners and researchers supporting Good Sports® agree that issues in children’s sport, such as poor side-line behaviour, early onset of overuse injury, and burnout and disaffection with sport, stem from adult involvement in children’s sport and can ultimately hinder success on and off the field. To address these issues and give Kiwi kids the greatest chance of developing a lifelong love of sport, Good Sports believes we need to raise adults’ awareness about their behaviours in children’s sport and if necessary, promote a positive shift in that behaviour.

In 2018 Good Sports was integrated into Auckland University’s Coaching degree. University student, John Dela Vega, who is completing this degree was one of the students in the class. This has resulted in John delivering the principles learnt to athletes he coaches.


Here John shares his story on how Good Sports has improved his own coaching journey and the journey of others he coaches:

Coaching has always been part of my sporting experience, including coaching my high school basketball team for a number of years. Once I graduated in Year 13, I finished coaching for a short period time. Between working and studying, I didn’t think about it again until I started my Bachelor of Sport, Health and Physical Education at the University of Auckland.

This degree introduced coaching back into my life through Good Sports. My initial views on coaching and encouraging the ‘climate of development’ actually align with the Good Sports messages. While I find an element of the social pressure of sporting excellence; my personal view is dedication to improvement and enjoying myself while doing it.

Through Good Sports, I understand sport is a vehicle for children to have fun. What’s more, the Good Sports session showed me that my coaching style is positive and also highlighted other ways to improve my support to athletes and even their parents.

As I begin to think deeper, I further understand the manifestation of sport and our role as models and facilitators to our athletes in achieving positive sporting and recreation experiences for young people.


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