Doing market research and a membership gap analysis every year is becoming more and more important. It can give your club/code an understanding of where it is at, where it is heading and the opportunities that are available by identifying who is playing and more importantly, who isn’t. Once you have this information available, you can start putting together programmes and activities to meet the different motivations of the identified groups you can target.

Participant pathway

Your sport’s participant pathway details the various stages of participation that people go through when playing. It is important to understand that we, as people, all have different needs at each stage and some of us can even fall into multiple areas within this pathway.

What your club/code can do:

  1. Look at your current membership database. What age, gender, ethnicity, social status, occupations and playing habits do your existing members have?
  2. Look at your sport’s participant pathway and try to identify where your members sit on this. Does this information point to any gaps in types of members? Are there opportunities for your club/code to target some of these identified groups of people? What could you do better to keep the types of members you already have?

Once you understand who, you can then start to look at how you can communicate with these various groups of people and what you can offer them by way of programmes and activities that meet their needs.

More information

We know our population is maturing, urbanising and becoming more ethnically diverse. The Sport New Zealand Insights tool can give us predictions into how our communities will change over the coming years.

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