Community sport, recreation and physical activity in Auckland is at major risk – you can do something about it.

There is a real and serious danger of a lack of inclusion and underinvestment in sport, recreation and physical activity in Auckland Council’s upcoming Auckland Plan and Long-term Plan (LTP). In fact, there is no reference to recreation and sport in the draft Auckland Plan consultation document and we anticipate a reduction in Council investment into total spend on sport and recreation in the LTP.

Without this support, our current and future community sport and recreation spaces are in major jeopardy. A reduction in investment in sport and recreation is an easy target, but it will have lasting and intergenerational effects on the network, that will be impossible to recover. For the sake of all Aucklanders, our current generation of young people, and generations to come, we need your help to have your voice heard.

As players, coaches, club officials, members, parents, organisations and Aucklanders who simply enjoy physical activity, it’s critical to make our voices heard and get involved in protecting sport and recreation investment in the Auckland Plan and LTP. If we don’t make our views known, we will miss out.

You can influence this by making a submission during the consultation period. This is the main opportunity for people who care about sport and recreation to have their say in council decision-making.

Why should we be concerned?

  • Auckland Council is a major provider of our sports and recreation facilities – without them much of what happens in our sector wouldn’t be possible
  • Without this provision, sport, recreation and physical activity in Auckland, particularly around our spaces and facilities, are at serious risk
  • A lack of inclusion and underinvestment will have a major effect on our communities. It will negatively impact the wide and varied benefits of physical activity such as community connection, belonging, participation, health, wellbeing, economic growth and education
  • We anticipate a reduction in Council investment into total spend on sport and recreation. This will also seriously impact the maintenance of existing facilities, the upgrading of facilities that are no longer fit for purpose and the development of new facilities and open spaces.
  • Known, current, and well-researched regional facility plans prepared by sports codes demonstrate current, short-, and medium- term shortfalls in facility provision even before this LTP period is over. We are already failing to meet demand in certain geographical areas of our city. This is not a time to be reducing investment. As examples:
    • Indoor courts shortfall of 30 courts
    • Winter sports fields shortfall in hours the equivalent of 50 artificial turfs
    • Outdoor netball courts shortfall of 73 courts
    • Outdoor tennis courts shortfall of 40 courts
    • Hockey turfs shortfall of 15 new turfs plus replacement surfaces on existing turf
  • Auckland Council is not immune from the current economic climate and has to make tough choices about the mix of services it provides, but this must be balanced with the HUGE benefits of physical activity and its importance to our community
  • This is an opportunity to make a submission on what the Auckland Council plans to do for our community over the next 10 years.

Have your say – it’s your right!

The public consultation process on the Auckland Plan and LTP is due to open on 28 February and will be accessible from the Auckland Council website. There will not be a question specifically on sport and recreation so you will have to have your say on this important issue in the ‘comments’ section.

We can’t leave it up to a few willing people so spread the word and have your say and make a submission – there are details around how to do this on the following page.

You can also like and share the #sportmatters Facebook page to help get the message out to Aucklanders.

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