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Other Resources

  • Aktive X Sport NZ Bank 1238 (1)

    Coaching Online Modules

    Check out the two online interactive coaching modules Getting Started in Coaching and Coaching Safety Net. These starting points are designed to provide excellent advice and information that will boost your coaching.

  • Good Sports A5 Spine

    Coaching Tips Handout

    These top tips for coaches are great as a pre-season handout to remind coaches what kids’ really want from their upcoming season.

  • Good Sports Coaching Guide (1)

    Good Sports Coaching Guide

    The ultimate guide for all coaches in youth sport!

  • Good Sports A5 Spine (1)

    The Good Sports Spine

    The Good Sports Spine is a great tool for reflecting on what kind of environment you’re promoting in children’s sports. As a coach you should use this tool to guide how you coach. This download includes the Spine in English, Mandarin, Samoan and Māori.