Sport, recreation, physical activity – however it is described – requires recognition and investment in Auckland Council’s refreshed Auckland Plan and draft Long-term Plan (LTP) for 2018-28.

All Aucklanders regardless of age, ethnicity and ability level should be able to participate in sport, recreation or physical activity in fit for purpose facilities and spaces to enable them to live active, healthy lives, with positive health, community and economic benefits.

What We Know

  • Auckland Council is a major provider of our sports and recreation facilities – we appreciate this support and investment. Without it, much of what happens in our sector wouldn’t be possible.
  • Sport and recreation connects people. All Aucklanders deserve opportunities to participate.
  • From the limited information available, there appears to be a proposed reduction in Council investment into sport and recreation. Facilities need to be upgraded and maintained to ensure their longevity, and new facilities are required to address the current shortfall and the rapid growth in population – these needs are applicable to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A lack of inclusion and underinvestment in sport, recreation and physical activity in Auckland, particularly around our spaces and facilities, will have a negative effect on Auckland, our communities and the economy.
  • We are already failing to meet demand in certain geographical areas of our city. Known, current, and well-researched regional facility plans prepared by sports codes demonstrate current, short-, and medium- term shortfalls in facility provision. This is not a time to be reducing investment. Examples of these shortfalls include:
    • Indoor courts shortfall of approximately 30 courts
    • Winter sports fields shortfall in hours the equivalent of circa 50 artificial turfs
    • Outdoor netball courts shortfall of more than 70 courts
    • Outdoor tennis courts shortfall of approximately 40 courts
    • Hockey turfs shortfall of an estimated 15 new turfs plus replacement surfaces on existing turf.
  • It is essential that existing facilities have sufficient investment in renewals and improvements to maintain a network of fit for purpose facilities to meet existing needs. Even with the increase in funding shown in the draft LTP, there will be a decreased level of service, deteriorating assets, and risk of failure and asset closure.
  • It is essential that growth in population both at the urban fringe and in the existing urban area is matched by investment in sufficient new facilities to meet the new demand that will be generated. The draft LTP signals an under investment to meet that demand and indicates a lower level of provision than identified in Council’s adopted strategies and guidelines.
  • The draft Auckland Plan relegates sport, recreation and physical activity from a chapter of its own in the current version (Chapter 5) to barely being acknowledged. The Auckland Plan is a reference point for Auckland Council investment so this exclusion represents another serious risk to sport and recreation.
  • The sport sector has aligned and collaborated in planning and prioritisation. Projects such as the Indoor Courts Facility Plan and the Sports Facilities Priorities Plan show that we are playing our part in making sure every Council dollar is invested wisely for maximum return in benefits to the community.

You Can Do Something About It

  • Make a submission by 28 March (refer below)
  • Promote the idea of Council setting up a partnership fund for capital projects. This will create a platform to attract investment from other funders. We need this to help ensure new and existing facilities keep up with the unprecedented population growth across the Greater Auckland Region, to provide opportunities and experiences our communities and children need.
  • Advocate that budgets for capital investment in both renewals and growth for parks, recreation and community facilities in the draft LTP need to be increased.
  • Local Boards have set out key local priorities (information attached) – 13 of these relate to sport and recreation and will benefit communities; but they are underfunded. Have a look at those in your area, support these priorities and encourage full funding for them.
  • Advocate for the Auckland Plan to acknowledge the enormous contribution that sport, recreation and physical activity makes to the wellbeing of all Aucklanders, of all ages, social levels and ethnicities, and the part it plays in meeting the outcomes identified in the Plan.

Sector Workshops

To assist with information for the sport and recreation sector, workshops are taking place across Auckland. We encourage you to head along, find out more about this process, the potential impact on Auckland and how to have your say:

Where When Further Information
Harbour Sport, Sports House,
Stadium Drive, Albany,
Auckland 0632
Wed 7 March, 11am-12.30pm Kevin O’Leary,
General Manager
Harbour Sport
Tel: 0274 799 563
Sport Auckland, Sport Auckland House,
Alexandra Park Function Centre,
Greenlane Road West
Tues 13 March, 10am Mike Elliott,
Chief Executive
Sport Auckland
Tel: 021 903 294

Ways To Have Your Say

  • You can make a combined submission on the Auckland Plan and Long-term Plan Auckland Council. Public consultation runs from 28 February to 8pm, 28 March 2018. There is no question on sport and recreation so add your comments under 6) Local Priorities and/or 7) Any other feedback.
  • Online: You can provide feedback using the AK Have Your Say feedback form.
  • In person (information below): You can provide feedback in person at local community events or more structured ‘Have Your Say’ events. The latter provide an opportunity to be heard by elected members and are identified by an asterisk (*). If you need an interpreter and/or you would like to submit feedback in New Zealand Sign Language or in Te Reo Māori, please contact Council.
  • Social media: Comments made through these channels will be considered written feedback:
  • By email: You can complete the AK Have Your Say feedback form and email it to
  • By post: You can complete the AK Have Your Say feedback form and send it freepost to: Auckland Council
    Freepost Private Bag 92300
    Victoria Street West
    Auckland 1142