Congratulations to 24 Auckland coaches confirmed for the Performance Coach Advance programme to improve coaching quality to pre-elite emerging athletes.

Under Sport New Zealand coaching strategy, coaches working in this area are called “performance coaches” & 102 places are given out annually.

Running for 2 years, Aktive administers the Auckland programme, including workshops, forums & regular one on one support with expert coach developers.

Congratulations to:

1. Shaun Pearce (Canoe Slalom)

2. Peter Nock (Rugby)

3. Pier-Olivier Hudon (Snow Sports)

4. Josiah Geange (Gymnastics)

5. Ian West (Cricket)

6. Susannah Pyatt (Yachting)

7. Gemma Lewis (Football)

8. Erica Thorby (Gymnastics)

9. Nicola Demaine (Football)

10. Michelle Parsons (Netball)

11. Deirdre Harrison (Synchronised Swimming)

12. Hamish Meacheam (Para-Athletics)

13. Jasper Bats (Canoe Racing)

14. Katie Glynn (Hockey)

15. Barbara Gemmell (Netball)

16. Sara Winther (Yachting)

17. Luke Chapman (Touch Rugby)

18. Chris Reid (Cricket)

19. Aimee Pink (Rowing)

20. Rochelle Coster (Athletics)

21. Hayden Gardner (Cricket)

22. Kathy Henry (Netball)

23. Henry Wong (Hockey)

24. Gareth Moore (Yachting)