A number of clubs are transforming themselves into health entertainment centres – a social one-stop shop where you can get your money’s worth on more than just playing sport.

There are a number of options for this – such as selling equipment, offering coaching sessions, providing physiotherapy services and supplying food and drink. Some clubs already have these options available to them. Running a pro shop can be a great way to boost profits and diversify business for professional coaches.

A good number of sport players are brand conscious – clothes and accessories are seen as extensions of their self and they express themselves through purchasing these. This is where offering other products (equipment, shoes, clothes) and services (lounge hire, physiotherapy, food and drink) within your club can be beneficial. However, the last thing you want is to have unsold inventory taking up valuable space and losing value.

Although there are risks with having these types of businesses operating within your club, done well, your sport club could become the place to be.

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