Club cultures offer opportunities for us to participate in a community with others where we can support and provide for each other. It enables us to learn behaviours such as collaboration, empathy, commitment and intent; and we also learn to share a sense of belonging and purpose. Culture involves everyone, belongs to no one and is ever-evolving.

As a leader, your job is to inspire your club’s culture by living the ideals and values of your club every day and helping others to do the same.

What a leader should do to develop club cultures: 

  • Watch and listen closely to what it means to be part of your club by getting a feel of the language, energy, the rhythm, speed and movement of the people there. Look at the who, why, when, what, where and how – Who shares the facility? Where do people congregate to chat? Who speaks? Who listens? What words are spoken? How is information shared?
  • Make it feel safe to belong by ensuring every member is acknowledged, thanked and appreciated for their contribution to the club. Encouraging supportive communication fosters connections and builds dignity – because a club is only a club because of the people
  • Invest time, energy, love and education into the maximum number of people in your club to awaken your club’s most powerful assets – your members. This will ensure that everyone is equipped with the skills, awareness, tools and know-how to build your club
  • Be able and willing to tell your club’s stories regularly and with conviction. This will remind your fellow members about who they collectively are – including those that came before, those who are present and those yet to come

As a club you need to create positive experiences every day; these positive experiences will foster beliefs; these beliefs will drive the actions we take; and collectively everyone’s actions will produce the results needed to strengthen relationships and grow the love of sport.

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