Spaces & Places

Strategic Outcome Statement: A co-ordinated, collaborative and deliberate approach to spaces and places is established for community sport and recreation in Auckland, at regional and local level.

Under The Auckland Approach to Community Sport, Aktive is focused on ensuring all Aucklanders have ongoing access to a network of fit-for-purpose sport and recreation facilities. It’s about providing improved access to facilities and spaces for all Aucklanders.

Key areas of activity under Spaces & Places are:

  • Bringing key partners together to strategically plan, advocating for invest and delivering an appropriate network of sport facilities across the region
  • Promoting and facilitating partnerships to share resources, delivering new projects and optimising  the use of existing spaces and places
  • Leading the development of evidence based approaches to region wide facility planning.

This work is evident in the following areas:

  • Working with individual sports codes on Regional Facility Planning in regards to development, delivery and advocacy
  • Advocacy Leadership
  • Indoor Courts Facility Plan
  • Auckland Sport Sector Facility Priorities Plan
  • Community School Partnerships
  • Local partnerships and projects supported by Aktive and its key partners in Local Board areas and aligning with region wide approaches
  • The sharing of knowledge, insights and practice.


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