School and Community

Aktive’s aim is to have more of Auckland’s young people participating in sport and recreation. School and Community refers to providing the opportunity and support for 5-18 year olds to ultimately have a quality sporting experience. We want our young people of Auckland to have a lifelong love of being physically active.

Key areas of activity as part of our Young People work are:

  • To advocate and promote the positive impact of physical activity on the Hauora/Well-Being of young people
  • To support a system that enables school communities to understand and implement a quality physical activity approach
  • To collaborate with the community sport sector, parents and whanau/family to support the understanding of the physical literacy approach
  • Lead a collaborative and locally-led approach in meeting young people’s needs and interests.

There are a number of programmes focused on young people in Auckland that Aktive is involved with, including:

  • KiwiSport
  • Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan (GAAAP)
  • HERA – Everyday Goddess
  • Good Sports
  • Play.Sport
  • TLC (Talent, Leadership, Character)


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