Sector Development

Everybody who works or volunteers in the sector has leadership responsibilities. Whether your role and context is in governance, as an executive, in management, operations, marketing or cultural competency, your job is to provide value for your team, your organisation and for your community. Are you ready to be the best you can be?


Unleash your leadership potential

Our Auckland-wide sector development provision offers education, training and support for people actively providing experiences within sport, community recreation, exercise, snow sport, aquatics and outdoor recreation.


Governing Your Organisation

Connect and share information with other Auckland-based national and regional Chairs at the roundtable. Find out more

Leading Your Organisation

Collaborate and grow with other Auckland-based national and regional Executives. Find out more

Managing Your Organisation

Gain the business tools needed to excel in paid sport and recreation management roles. Find out more


Running Your Club

Improve your knowledge and receive resources, advice and recommendations to optimise your club. Find out more

Marketing Your Sport

Create professional promotional materials for your club or organisation that are eye-catching and effective. Find out more

Growing Cultural Competency

Improve the diversity and inclusion practices within your club or organisation. Find out more


Sector Events

Whether we are in a paid role or a volunteer, we are all connected to a group of others with whom we work to achieve results. Discover when sector events are on so you can connect with like-minded people face-to-face. Find out more


Case Studies

Learn how organisations, clubs and other providers throughout Auckland are using good practice to succeed and take their performance to the next level. Find out more


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