NSO/RSO Support

As an organisation we are dedicated to the Auckland sport sector and ensuring the sector has adequate fit-for-purpose spaces and places to provide opportunities for Aucklanders to participate in sport and recreation.

We are also dedicated to ensuring the sector is constantly building knowledge and looking at best practice to increase participation by Aucklanders in organised sport. Key to this is bringing together those who govern our sports and encouraging the sharing of knowledge so Aucklanders can be better serviced to participate in sport.

We provide support to National and Regional Sports Organisations in the following ways:

  1. Bringing key partners together to strategically plan, advocating for investment and delivering an appropriate network of sport facilities across the region
  2. Promoting and facilitating partnerships to share resources, delivering new projects and optimising  the use of existing spaces and places
  3. Leading the development of evidence based approaches to region wide facility planning
  4. Chairs Round Table initiative that brings together Chairs of National and Regional Sports Organisations in front of a panel of experts.

For more information on how we help service the Auckland sport and recreation sector please contact:

David Parker
Spaces & Places/Sector Development Manager
E: david.parker@aktive.org.nz
P: 022 645 0852


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